General Rules


1- Students are expected to speak in English while in the school. 2- All the students are required to attend the morning assembly every day . Late comers will be sent back home.

3- Students are expected to maintain complete silence in the morning assembly and during school hours.

4- No students will write anything on the walls, doors, furniture or disfigure, damage the School property .

5- All application for leave is to be signed by the parents. Applications for leave on medical grounds are to be supported by an authentic medical certificate. No student suffering from a contagious disease will be allowed to attend the School till he/she produce a medical certificate from the registered Medical Practitioner .

6- No fee defaulter will be allowed to appear for any test or examination. A minimum of 75 % attendance is compulsory in school.

7- No student is allowed to leave the School premises during school hours without a prior permission of the Principal. In case of any unforeseen emergency the class teacher should be informed.

8- Students are not allowed to receive visitors during School hours.

9- All belongings of a student, that is, books, stationary , tiffin box, water bottle, bag etc. must bear his/her name on them. Expensive items such as gold jewellery , watch, mobile phone, cash, fire crackers, sharp-edges instruments etc. are totally prohibited in the school.

10- Constant negligence of class work or homework, irregular attendance, disobedience, obscene behaviour , theft and violence will be considered as serious offences and will lead to severe punishment or even expulsion from the School.

11- Students are prohibited from driving any two wheeler , expect for cycles to school


The school fees are to be paid punctually in the beginning of every Quarter , that is, in April, July , October and January of the academic session. Please deposit the fee on time to avoid imposition of fine or striking off the student's name from the School's register .

Fee must be deposited in the bank prescribed by the School from 1 to 31 day of the quarter in cash. A properly signed and stamped receipt should be obtained after payment of cash. The teacher's copy should be immediately sent to the class teacher . Parents are requested to pay the fees of their ward at the authorized Bank only . Money should not be given to any unauthorized person either at the School or at home. For the purpose of fee deposition every student has been issued a bill book. Bill book should be carefully read and the instruction given therein should be followed by the parents

Timing for deposition of fee in cash on working days of the Bank
Monday to Saturday 10:00 AM.- 2:00PM. In the Prescribed Bank

1: First quarter (April to June) from 1 April to 31 April in the Prescribed Bank.

2: Second quarter (July to September) from 1 July to 31 July in the Prescribed Bank.

3: Third quarter (October to December) from 1 October to 31 October in the Prescribed Bank.

4: Forth quarter (January to March) from 1 January to 31 January In the Prescribed Bank

Rules for Parents


1- The school diary is an important means of co-operation and co-ordination between the School, therefore the student must carry it daily to the school. Parents are requested to check the diary every day in order to obtain information's or messages which are been sent to them by the School.

2- Parents must make their own arrangements for safe commuting between home and the school. The children must be instructed to return home from the School only with a known person. 'The School will not be responsible if a child goes out of the school with an unknown person. All children should leave the School campus within half-an-hour after School.

3- The School does not ply Buses or T rolley-Rickshaw's for the students, an outsider does it on the name of the School. The school should not be held responsible for problems arising out of the private vehicle owners.

4- Parents of Nursery , L.K.G. and Prep should leave their children with school Ayah inside the gate. Others (class 1 to IX) should be left at the main gate of the school as they do not require any assistance. Parents are not allowed to enter the class room without the permission of the Principal.

5- Scooters and motorbikes should be parked by the Parents/guardians on the left hand side of the school gate only . No parent is allowed to bring his/her vehicle inside the School campus unless permitted by the Principal.

6- Parents should not allow their children to bring any kind of electronic gadgets such

as mobile phones, ipod etc. to the School. 7- Parents are requested to ensure that their children must do their home work regularly .

8- Parents should also keep a watch on the physical and mental health of their children. Any difficulty or abnormality noticed should be promptly brought to the notice of a Doctor . A routine check-up by a registered Medical Practitioner should be done regularly .